How To Form an LLC in Alaska: LLC Name Search

1. LLC Name Search
2. Registered Agent
3. Filing Forms
4. Initial Report
5. Operating Agreement
6. Tax ID Number (EIN)
7. Business License
8. Biennial Report
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Phone: 907-465-2550
Fax: 907-465-2974
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LLC Name Search in Alaska

To form an LLC in Alaska, first you need to search for your desired LLC name to make sure it’s available for use.

LLC Name Requirements in Alaska:

1. The abbreviations “LLC” or “L.L.C.” must be used at the end of your LLC name.

2. As an LLC is not a Corporation, your desired name should not contain the word “Corporation”, “Incorporated,” or the abbreviations (“Corp.”, “Inc.”).

3. The desired LLC name must be unique from other businesses registered in Alaska.

Search the Alaska Name Database

You need to search for LLC name in the Alaska Corporation Database.

1. Browse to Alaska’s Corporations Database search page:

2. Enter your desired LLC name in the “Entity Name” text box without LLC at the end.

3. Click “Starts With” or “Contains” then click the “Search” button.

4. Browse the list of existing Alaska businesses and make sure your name is unique.

  • If your desired LLC name is not available, then you need to search for new name.
  • If the search results show “No Results”, then your desired LLC name is unique and ready to use.

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