How To Form LLC In Delaware: LLC Forms

LLC Certificate of Formation In Delaware

As Delaware does not have online filing, You have to file the Certificate of Formation and Cover Letter by mail or fax.

The state filing fee is $90 and the approval time is 1 week.

For faster approval, you need to pay an extra $50 for 24 hour fast processing.

You have to pay the state filing fee with either with credit card or with check.

How to Complete the Certificate of Formation

You can download the Certificate of Formation: Click Here

1: Enter your  Limited Liability Company (LLC) name with your preferred capitalization, as well as the designator “LLC” or “L.L.C.”

2. Enter the Address and Name of your LLC’s Registered Agent. The address of the Registered Agent must be a street address located in Delaware (PO boxes are not allowed as address).

3. Select the specific date on which your LLC will automatically dissolve (shut down).

Leave this field blank, If you prefer your LLC to be open-ended with no set closure date.

Write down the specific date, If you have plan to shutdown your LLC on a specific date.

It is common to form a perpetual LLC, so most people leave this section blank. This option gives the freedom to close your LLC by filing dissolution paperwork at any time.

4. You can add additional rules and regulations to your LLC in this section. This is a optional field to fill.

In Witness Whereof:
Enter the Day, month and Year. Sign your name after “By” and print your name after “Name”.

How to Complete the Cover Letter

You can download the Cover Letter from:

On the top of the form, choose your desired Priority Box. Shade with color completely in the box you want. Fill in the entire box and try not to go outside of the lines.

Your expedited options are

Priority 1 ($1,000) – In 1 Hour

Priority 2 ($500) – In 2 Hour

Priority 3 ($100) – Same Day

Priority 4 ($50) – 24 Hour

Priority 7: If you prefer regular processing and don’t want to pay extra.

Submitter’s Information:
Enter your Name, return address, phone, and Email Address.

Enter a fax number. You must have an Email Id.

You can leave the Account Number blank, if you want.

Document Filing Request Information: Leave this section blank.

Other Document Filing Information: Leave this section blank.

Method of Return:
Most of the people, chose “Regular Mail” which is the standard method of return. If you have a pre-paid account with FedEX or UPS, you can list the Account number of FedEX or UPS.

Credit Card Information:
If you prefer to pay with a credit card, fill in this section. If you are paying by check, leave this section blank.

Comments / Filing Instructions: Leave this section blank.

Instructions For Filing By Mail

1. Payment:
When planning to file by mail, you can pay either by check or by credit card.

If you are paying by check, it should be payable to “Delaware Secretary of State”.

If you are paying by credit card, please enter your Credit Card information on the Cover Letter.

For regular processing, the filing fee is $90 (OR) $140 for 24 Hour expedited processing.

2. Mail the Documents:
Send the Certificate of Formation and Cover Letter along with the payment to the following address:

Delaware Division of Corporations
401 Federal Street – Suite 4
Dover, DE 19901

Instructions For Filing By Fax

1. Payment:
To file by fax, you should pay only with Credit Card. Enter your Credit Card details on the Cover Letter.

For Regular processing, the filing fee is $90  (OR) $140 for 24 Hour expedited processing.

2. Fax the Documents:
You are requested to fax the Cover Letter and Certificate of Formation to 302-739-3812.

LLC Approval:

Congrats, your Delaware LLC has been filed. You have to wait for LLC approval.

The state will return your documents by mail. The LLC approval will include a Certificate of Formation and a receipt.

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