How To Form LLC in Oklahoma | OK Secretary of State

This page provides the little insight into the filing procedure for a foreign or domestic entity in Oklahoma. Filers have the choice to select between online registration and paper registration. The e-filing system allows to keep track of your filing history online and also delivers the articles/application to the offices of the Secretary of State instantly. The PDFs of each filing form required for registration in Oklahoma is included this tutorial. In Oklahoma, the filing fee for foreign LLCs is $300 while domestic entities can pay a total of $100.


Step 1: The first step is a Business Entity Search which allows you to gain insight into the availability of your business name. If  you are filing online, it might be wise to reserve your name to make sure that no other entity uses it while you prepare for your filing. A reservation in Oklahoma lasts for a total of 60 days and costs $10 only.

Step 2: Once you have chosen the name for your business, you will be able to continue by accessing the filing forms either online or in PDF format. For more information regarding the contents of said forms, click on the below link corresponds your jurisdiction of formation.

Step 3: After filing out the forms, you need to attach to them all requisite certification. LLCs will need to supply a letter of certification or similar document from the appropriate regulatory board. All the foreign companies need to provide a certificate of good standing issued within 60 days of their registration in Oklahoma.

Step 4: You should pay the filing fee associated with your filing type. Foreign entities should pay $300 while domestic companies need to pay $100. To pay your filing fee, you will need to enter your ACH account, Credit Card or pre-paid account information as an online applicant. Paper filers will be paying by check or money order made out to the Oklahoma Secretary of State. As a last step, send the physical filing forms and fees to the below address.

Business Filing Department
421 N.W. 13th, Suite 210 
Oklahoma City OK 73103