How To Form LLC in Pennsylvania

This tutorial provides information on whether you want to register a new business or looking to expand a foreign entity in Pennsylvania. We request you to explore the links for deeper knowledge about the each filing procedure requirements. First create an online account, then you are eligible to file your application through the Department of States’s online registration system, which provides the fastest means of getting LLC.

Steps To File LLC in Pennsylvania:

1. The first step is to check if the desired name for the Business Entity is currently available for use or not. You should have a unique operating name, else the registration documents will be rejected. You can hold onto a desired entity name for 120 days prior to filing by paying a fee of $ 70.

2. Once the name is created, you can begin the filing process either by logging into your account with the Department of State to complete the filing process or by downloading and filling the PDF application. To know the full description on how to file, click on appropriate below link of entity type.

Domestic Limited Liability Company
Domestic Professional Service Limited Liability Company
Foreign Limited Liability Company
Foreign Professional Service Limited Liability Company

3. After completing the applications, you have to gather the necessary documents required to accompany your registration. The applications sent through the mail must include a docketing statement. Foreign entities should attach a certificate of good standing from their country of jurisdiction.

4. In order to process the application, a filing fee must be paid. Domestic LLCs must pay $ 125 and foreign LLCs must pay $ 250. If you are paying the fee through online, then use Credit Card. Applicants sending the applications through a mail must include a check in favour of the Department of State. The completed application forms along with filing fee must be mailed to the below address:

Pennsylvania Department of State
Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations
P.O. Box 8722 – Harrisburg,
PA 17105-8722

EIN: Newly formed domestic entities should apply for an EIN once they are registered with the Department of State. Foreign LLCs will already hold an Employer Identification Number. An EIN is used for tax reporting purpose. After getting an EIN, under the name of the entity, you can perform the business transactions.

Operating Agreement : An Operating Agreement is a set of documents between the members of LLC which has certain rules and regulations used to organize the entity’s affairs. This agreement will benefit the organizational structure of the business. In this document, you can specify the roles and responsibilities of the management and minutes of meeting.

Renewal : If the changes have taken place, then you need to file an annual report with the Department of State to notfy them. Click Renewal and select the annual report corresponding to your entity type. If you failed to renew the application, then there will be a limit on number the transactions your entity can perform. Forward the completed report to the above address with the filing fee associated with entity type.