Georgia Secretary Of State – Business Search

A user can search the Georgia Secretary of State for Business Entities and LLC by Name. You can search Corporation, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) in Georgia Secretary Of State (SOS).

You can download all types of forms: Application Forms

Georgia Secretary Of State – Corporation Search

1. Browse to the official website of Georgia Secretary of State.

2. You can search with Business Name or with Control Number or with Registered Agent Name or with Office Name. You can search for ‘Exact Match’ also.


3. For example, we have searched with Business Name as ‘Home Depot’. Search results consists of: Business Name, Control Number, Business Type, Principal Office Address, Registered Agent Name, Status.

How to Create a Corporation in Georgia

1. Choose a Business Name for the Corporation and Check for the availability of Business Name.

2. Appoint a Director or Directors for the Corporation.

3. File Articles of incorporation with the Georgia Secretary of State.

The filing fee is $100. You can find sample articles of incorporation in the Secretary of State’s website with instructions, as part of the filing procedure guide.

4. Publish a Notice of Intent to Incorporate in a Local News Paper.

You must send the notice with $40 to the newspaper in your county within 1 day of filing the articles of incorporation.

5. You should issue stock certificates to the initial owners of the corporation.

6. Get the required licenses.

7. Open a bank account for the business.

How to reserve a Corporation Name in Georgia

1. Download the Georgia Corporation Name Reservation Form and fill the form.

You can also request a name reservation online at the official site:

2. The nonrefundable filing fee is $25.00.

Submit this form, along with the payment to the following address:
Office of Secretary of State,
Corporations Division,
Name Reservation Request,
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. SE,
Suite 313 West Tower,
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

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